Helpful Opportunities

             Two months has passed since Doctor Angelica Brandon discovery. Yet, we find her still working for Dr. Washington and helping Oasis. Within those two months Dr. Brandon has taken it upon herself to help Oasis find a path in life. She has been giving Oasis a comic book periodically. Comic books such as Superman, Batman, Siderman, X-Men and so on. She even gave him a comic about a strange Cop that can eat anything and tell you where it came from, how it was prepared, what ingredients was used, and everything about the person who cooked it. It was a comic book named Chew.

              Dr. Brandon tried all kind of ways to get Oasis to embrace the idea of developing his gifts. She even discussed it with him in their sessions, which were held three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s were the days the two met. It was a Friday session that Dr. Brandon decided she was going to bring up the idea of him using his gifts to help those who needed it.

              Dr. Brandon took her familiar walk from her room to the hallway, down the stairs, through the foyer, through the kitchen, then down the stairs leading to the basement. Stopping at the end of the stairs to gaze upon this big blowfish swimming in the wall fish tank. She then proceeded to walk in to Oasis room, greeting Oasis with a, “Good afternoon Ace.” Oasis replied with a, “Hi, I take it you slept well?”

              “Thank you, I most certainly did.  I take it that you attempted with no success,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “You are so completely correct with that assumption Doctor,” said Oasis.

              “How did you like the comic Chew I gave you?”

              “It was extremely entertaining. I mean, a story that is truly unconventional. A person that can get psychic impressions from the things he eats. However, I must ask why have you been giving me these comics? If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are trying to influence me to, perhaps follow in the path of the Heroes in these comics.”

              Dr. Brandon, with an enormous smile on her face, illuminating admiration with a resounding clap of her hands, responded to Oasis question and statement. “Yes, wouldn’t that be an amazing adventure for you to partake.  Don’t you agree?”  asked Dr. Brandon

               “Well, actually, I think the idea of me becoming a super hero is, no offense, absurd,” replied Oasis.

              “Why do you say that,” asked Dr. Brandon

              “First, they are made up stories, to entertain. Second, the way and how they ascertain these powers, or abilities, as I like to call them, is completely and utterly ridiculous. The only one that made sense was Batman and that was because he had no special abilities.

              “What about Magneto’s power from the X-Men? He even has a similar ability to the one you possess.

              “Yes; however, he supposedly received his ability through mutation. Gene mutation to be precise. Which when you study genetics, you will find that gene mutation can only affect a

person’s appearance.  It can’t give a person special abilities from the rest of civilization. It can’t give you the ability to fly or cause a card to burst in to flames. It can’t help you break down your molecular structure so that you can transport yourself from one place to another.”

              “Then how do you explain your ability?”

              “I can’t.  But, I will keep trying to figure it out.”

              “Do you think it came from God maybe?”

              “That’s hysterical.  That’s a good one doctor,” said Oasis with a laugh and a smile.


              “For instance, let us take what all the terrorist are saying. That God singled them out to spread a message. That they did what they did in God’s honor, In God’s name. Now, no matter what religion you practice, you are taught that whatever God you believe in is this all-powerful being that can destroy us with a blink of an eye. Yet, he is going to ask us to destroy our souls by asking us to kill people and ourselves. Allowing our soul to go to Hell, to save the many, when he cherishes all souls. I don’t think so. Why I have this ability, I don’t know. But, I don’t think God singled me out amongst everyone on this planet to give me an ability. I may never find the answer to why I am this way, but I won’t stop trying to find out.”

              “Have you considered you might not be from this planet, like Superman,” asked Dr. Brandon?

              “It has crossed my mind. However every test the Doc and I took doesn’t have any alien markers.  I am completely human,” Oasis responded.

              “Well, let me ask you this Ace.  How are you going to find the answers you seek if you’re always cooped up in this room all the time?”

              “What do you mean Doctor?”

              “You see, there is this place where you can learn all about Genetics, Biology, and even learn how to separate and breakdown genes. A place where you can maybe get a better understanding of why you have this ability.”

              Oasis gives a deep sigh as he looks at his shelf of books.  Dr.  Brandon notices the confusion with in Oasis face and addresses Oasis. “Not to mention, a library that has millions of books to help you along the way.  It’s called, a University.”

              “I’m afraid I can’t do that Doctor. Too many lives would be at risk.”

              “Look Ace, you can’t constantly live in fear of hurting people. People are in danger everyday just by waking up. You just have to learn how to calm yourself when things start getting out of hand.”

              “And how exactly do I achieve this control?”

              Deep in thought with Dr. Brandon wiping a string of hair behind her ear, she again looks at the wall tank.  With a chuckle and a smile, she suggests to Oasis that maybe he can try looking at people as fish.

              Oasis looks at the wall, which is a big fish tank, and locates his favorite clown-fish.  As he watches it swim in a circle, he ponders on the idea of viewing people as fish.  Then a big smile came upon his face as he thought of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. He couldn’t help himself from laughing. Thinking to himself, yeah I can do this.

              The following morning Dr. Washington walked from his bedroom, down the stairs and in to the foyer and proceeded to the kitchen. When he entered the kitchen, he was startled to see Oasis sitting at the kitchen table.  Grabbing his chest with one hand and straightening his glasses with the other, he struggled to speak.  After composing himself, he addressed Oasis, “What are you doing? You scared the beezeebies out of me.” “I’m sorry Doctor; that was not my intention,” said Oasis.

              “Just not use to seeing another man in here in the morning that’s all. Why are you up here,” asked Dr. Washington.

              “I believe it’s what people call, growth Doctor,” replied Oasis.

              “I see.”

              “Yeah, Dr.  Brandon intrigued me with a place I would love to experience.”

              “Oh yeah, and where would that be?”

              “She called it a University.”

              “What intrigued you about that?”

              “One-word Doctor.”

              “And that is?”



              Doctor Washington, whom was a little amused by this response, couldn’t help but smile.  After a moment of he gathered himself and started pacing from the counter to the table.  He starts mumbling words of such” “Okay, we are going to have to get you the GED test.  You are going to have to take a placement exam.”

              Oasis confused about what the Doctor was talking about he couldn’t help but to interrupt Doctor Washington’s train of thought. Therefore, Oasis erected himself in his chair and piped up, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you babbling about Doctor?  What is all that?” Dr.  Washington then stopped his pacing and looked at Oasis. Seeing that Oasis was truly lost by what he was uttering, he then addressed Oasis by saying, “Oh, these will be the things you need to be admitted.”

              “Admitted?” asked Oasis.

              “You do want to take classes, don’t you?”

              “Classes?”  No, no.  I just want to use their books and maybe use their lab equipment.”

              “Ah, it doesn’t work quite that way Oasis. You have to be a student at the University to have access to their libraries and labs.”

              “So that means going there every day?” I’m not sure that’s a good idea Doc.

 “Well, it is up to you Oasis.  However, I think this would be beneficial for you.”

              After stating that, he leaving Oasis to his thoughts. Dr. Washington started to walk to the counter where the coffee maker was and then stopped. Spent around and looked at Oasis with a puzzling look upon his face and asked, “How did you get out of your room?”  “Seriously Doc?  Hello, have we met?  Can manipulate things with my mind,” was Oasis reply.

              “Oh, right,” chuckled Dr. Washington.

The Harvest

              The next day after Oasis’s birthday, during a thunderstorm, a car came to a stop in front of a house in the middle of the woods in Hammond, Louisiana. A person exited the car with a white lab coat over his or her head, sprinting to the house. It was a very awkward looking house. It was a white Plantation style house.  The house was oval shaped with a dome roof and a wrap-around porch with round white columns.

              As the person ran up the stairs and onto the porch, the front door opened. A tall, skinny man with short hair wearing blue slacks and a yellow buttoned down shirt greeted the person that was standing in the doorway. “Ah, you must be Doctor Brandon,” he asked? Shaking her lab coat of the water and brushing back her beautiful, dirty blond, wavy hair, she extended her hand to the guy standing in the door way and states, “Yes, Doctor Angelica Brandon.” He took her hand and shook it. He then said, “Welcome Doctor Brandon, please come in.”

              As she enters and stands in the light. A beauty beyond comparison illuminated the room more than the sixty-wattage light bulb shining above them. Doctor Brandon looked about five-foot seven, but with the three inch heels she was wearing, she stood at more like five-foot teen. She had an oval, yet skinny face with exquisite cheek bones and full lips. She also had the most electrifying green eyes. Dr. Brandon was wearing a grey pant suit. With a black V-neck blouse.

              While standing there drying herself off, the man who welcomed her, cleared his throat and continued conversing by saying, “My name is Doctor Byron Washington. First, I would like to welcome you to my home and thank you for coming as swiftly as you did. I thank you for accepting the position you will be residing in with us. You come well recommended as one of the most highly qualified therapist in the country.” “Thank you Doctor for the opportunity. You were very generous with the salary. I would have been crazy to turn this job down. However, I don’t understand why you needed me here? This is not a hospital, it’s a house,” she replies.

              “Well, Doctor Brandon, yes this is a house. But, I do have a patient for you residing in the house,” he said.

              “A patient,” she asked with confusion?

              “Yes, just the one,” Dr. Washington responded.

              “What’s wrong with her,” inquired Dr. Brandon.

              “Well, She, is a He.  And, I believe that is for you two to discuss. Now please let me show you to your room,” insisted Dr. Washington.

              Dr. Brandon nodded and let Dr. Washington lead the way. As Dr. Washington escorted Dr. Brandon to her room she noticed that they were no pictures anywhere. The house had a split stairwell in the foyer that met on the second floor. When they reached the second-floor Dr. Brandon noticed that the top floor split into two ways. Dr. Brandon directed her immediately to her right and said, “You are down here.” Dr. Brandon pointed to her left and asked, “What’s that way?” Dr. Washington reply was, “That is where I retire.” 

              Dr. Brandon gave Dr. Washington a nod of understanding and then they pressed on down the right corridor. The hall led to a beautiful stained Oak door with a stained glass at the top of the door. The picture was that of dolphins intertwined in an embrace with waves crashing behind them. As Dr. Washington opened the door, he led her into a country style bedroom. The bed was a black iron country style queen size bed. The headboard of the bed was against the wall. On the opposite side of the bed, as they faced straight ahead, was a bay window. There was a bench at the foot of the bed that was also made of black iron and had white fabric on the pillows that where lying on top of the bench.

“These will be your accommodations while you are with us.  I hope you will be comfortable?” Dr.        

Washington said after showing her the room.

              “It looks very accommodating. Thank you,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “You’re welcome,” he said. Then Dr. Washington turned to exit the room. Dr. Washington then exited the room, closing the door behind him as he did so.

              “Morning Dr. Brandon. I take it you slept well? Was the greeting Dr. Brandon was welcomed with the next morning as she was sitting at the kitchen table helping herself to a cup of coffee. Dr. Brandon, giving a huge yawn replied with, “not really, you know, first night and all sleeping in a strange house.” Dr. Washington then sat down at the table with his cup of coffee. Before he can put his cup to his lips, Dr. Brandon hit him with a cornucopia of questions.

              “Doctor.? I was wondering if you can tell me a little more about my patient,” she asked?

              “Such as,” relied Dr. Washington?

              “His name?”

              “Ah, yes, his name is Oasis.”



              “Well that’s different.”

              “Anything else?”

              “His age?

              “He is 18.”

              “Is he a relative of yours?”

              “Sort of.”

              “What does that mean?”

              “He is like a son to me.”

              “I don’t und….”

              “Doctor, doctor, please, you will have plenty of time to ask your questions. But for now, let’s eat some breakfast.  When we are done with that, I will check to see if he is ready to receive you.”

              “Very well.”

              After they were finished eating breakfast, Dr. Washington got up from his seat and addressed Dr. Brandon with, “As you get cleaned up, I will go see if he is ready for you.” Dr. Washington then disappeared thru a door that was directly adjacent to the kitchen pantry. Dr. Brandon then went to the sink and washed her hands and threw a little water on her face.

Moments later Dr. Washington reappeared in front that same door he disappeared behind earlier.  He stood there for a moment as Dr. Brandon was drying her hands and face.  He then asked her if she was ready.  She shook her head and then followed Dr. Washington through the door.

              The door led to some stairs going down to the basement of the house. As they were walking down the stairs she noticed that the ceiling was covered with a flame resisted material.  The wall on the left was also covered with the same material. Now the wall on the right was amazingly beautiful she thought. The wall on the right was an aquarium. It was a giant fish tank, the entire wall, even the door that separated the wall.

              As they walked to the door, she stood in awe of the atmosphere that was presented to Oasis.  Then notice through the blur in front of her, the silhouette of a person sitting in the room

She then turns to Dr. Washington and asks, “this is his room?”

              “Yes, it is,” replied Dr. Washington.

              “Wow, I’m a little jealous.”

              “Yeah, I try to give him a peaceful surrounding.  It’s actually more beneficial to us really.”

              What do you mean Doctor?”

              “I just mean how children are more relaxed when things are more serene.”

              Dr. Washington then knocks on the door. Oasis was listening to music and throwing a little Nerf football in the air and then catching it. Acknowledging them at the door, he gave them a head nod and waved his hand to gesture them to come in. Then Dr. Washington reached to the left side of him where there was a key pad. He then proceeded to press in a code. When he was finished, the door swung open.

A bit confused by this, Dr. Brandon asked Dr. Washington why there was a code to enter Oasis room. Dr. Washington responded with, “It’s what he requested.” Dr.  Brandon shook her head and disbelief at everything she was witnessing thus far.

              As Dr. Brandon and Dr. Washington enters the room, Oasis gets out of his bead and walks over to them where Dr. Washington proceeds to introduce Dr. Brandon. “This is Dr. Brandon Oasis; she is a friend who is here to listen to your problems and try and help you through them.” Oasis then held out his hand and waited for Dr. Brandon to reciprocate. She saw this gesture and grabbed his hand and then shook it.

              As Dr. Washington witness this transpire, he gave a huge grin and then stated, “Alright, I guess I’ll leave you two to it then.” Dr. Washington then gives a nod to the two of them and then departed. As he did so, Dr. Brandon stared at the door for a while and then diverted her attention to Oasis. Oasis, who just plopped himself down on his bean bag, stared at her with a blank expression on his face. He wiped his eyes and gave a huge yawn and proceeded into a spread-out stretch.

              After this he gazed upon Dr. Brandon and asks her, “So?”  “Oh. Yes, sorry,” was her reply.  After a moment of trying to figure out how to start. She then looked at the fish tank and stretched her arm toward it.

              “Why the fish,” she asked?

              “What do you mean,” inquired Oasis?

              “I just want to know why you requested to have a tank full of fish?”

              “Honestly, I know I wouldn’t want to hurt them.”

              “Hurt them? Are there people you want to hurt?”


              “Then what do you mean by not wanting to hurt them?”

              Oasis folded his arm and started staring at the floor. Oasis went quiet for a while. Dr. Brandon thought maybe she was pushing the issue a bit; so, she pressed on with a different topic.

              “Tell me Oasis, why are you unable to sleep,” asked Dr. Brandon?

              “How did you know that,” responded Oasis with a puzzling look on his face.

              “Let’s see. There is the blank expression on your face. The redness of your eyes.”

As Dr. Brandon was explaining this, Oasis belts out an enormous yawn.

              “And oh yeah, your constant yawning,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “Just a bad re-occurring dream Doc,” answered Oasis.

              “Would you like to tell me about this dream?”

              Oasis gives a deep sigh. After a couple seconds, he begins telling her all about his dream. Told her everything about his parents in what occurred to them in his dreams. When he was finished telling her his dream, Dr. Brandon just sat there in silence. After pondering on what she was just told, she looked at Oasis with a look of befuddlement and then asked him how long he has been having this dream. He replied with, “Every night for the past nine years.”

              “Nine years,” shouted Dr. Brandon.


              After a moment of silence with Dr. Brandon in a trance of thought, she breaks the silence with a boisterous, “Oh My God!”  “What,” asked Oasis?  “I’m sorry Oasis; but, I need to talk Dr. Washington.” “Okay, is everything alright Doc,” asked Oasis? Dr. Brandon stands up from her seat and proceeds to exit the room. When she gets to the door, she looks back at Oasis with a confused, dumbfounded look upon her face. She then stormed up the stairs and raced to the foyer. As she enters the foyer, Dr. Washington was coming out of his office. When they realize each other in the foyer, Dr. Brandon addresses Dr. Washington.

              “I don’t believe it.  It just can’t be,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “I’m sorry Doctor, what was that,” asked Dr. Washington?

              “You, you took him, didn’t you?”


              “Oasis, he’s the, he’s that kid. The one from that earthquake, the one in New York that went missing.

              “Please calm down Dr. Brandon and please come into my office.

              As the two of them walked into the office, Doctor Washington directed Dr. Brandon to a sofa that was in front of his bookshelf. As she went to sit down, she noticed Dr. Washington sitting down on a dark brown leather recliner. She also noticed that he has a Mahogany Antique desk directly to her left. The desk sat in front of a huge window. The window was about eight feet high and about 12 feet wide. When she turned to face Dr. Washington, she saw him gesture to a table that was sitting between them. Looking at the table she saw he was pointing at the pitcher of water on the table.  She then looked up at the Doctor and replied to his question, “No, no, I’m fine.”

              “So, I am assuming here that Oasis divulged his dream to you then,” asked Dr. Washington?

              “Yeah he did,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “Wow, that was fast.  Look Doctor, I’m not going to lie to you.  Yes, it is the same boy; and yes, It’s all true. His entire dream. However, it wasn’t an Earthquake. He wasn’t outside witnessing this event. I believe he was the cause of this incident.”

              “What?  That is impossible.  How can one person be responsible for an entire block to be destroyed?  Seriously?

              “Well, you see, Oasis is a bit different from anybody else. Oasis, it seems, has an ability where he can manipulate things with his mind.”

              “Preposterous! That is not even humanly possible?”

              “That Doctor is the mystery he has been trying to figure for the past nine years.”


              “Yes.  Well for the longest time, he wouldn’t let anyone near him. Especially, with needles or scapulars. He does ask questions from time to time; but, he mostly does the research on his own.”

              “So, is a FREAK then?”

              “Now Doctor, you should know better than to call the things we can’t comprehend as weird or freakish. The unexplained is just a puzzle to be solved and understood.”

              “I need a minute to think.”

              Dr. Brandon then stands up from the sofa and begins to pace around the couch.  On her second pass around the couch, Dr. Washington interjects her train of thought with a plea.

              “Doctor, please hear me out for a moment?  I am not going to be around forever and Oasis can’t spend the rest of his life living in fear of the outside world. If anything was to ever happen to me, Oasis would be alone. He must get control of himself, so that he can control this power he has.  I don’t think he understands that magnitude of his situation. You see, nine years ago in that moment of sadness and anger Oasis leveled an entire block. I’m afraid Doctor, if he was ever forced to, he could destroy entire cities or worst.”

              Dr. Brandon, with a moment to process what was just told to her, sat back down on the couch with her head down. She then looks up at Dr.  Washington with fear in her eyes addressed him with a question, “The man in his dream, the one that hit his Dad with the car?”

“Yes, what about him, asked Dr. Washington?

              “Is it true?  I mean can he really?  He said the guy broke into a billion pieces and then turned into dust,” inquired Dr. Brandon.

              “I honestly don’t know Doctor. I guess it could be a possibility. The driver was never found.

The room went silent after that statement. Dr. Washington just looked at Dr. Brandon as she sat on the couch with her head in her hands. After a few moments Dr. Washington then addressed Dr. Brandon and pleaded with her to stay and help Oasis. He then reiterated the severity of their predicament and the torturous future that would await Oasis if he doesn’t get a hold of his emotions. Dr. Washington then said to Dr. Brandon, “please will you help us Doctor?”

              “I am going to need some time to think about this,” said Dr. Brandon.

              “But of course doctor, take all the time you need,” said Dr. Washington.

              And with that Dr. Brandon got up from the couch and went upstairs to her room. Dr. Washington sat back in his chair and gave a deep sigh and said to himself, “what have I done. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea after all. He then got up from the chair and walked over to his desk. When he got to the desk he sat down behind it and opened his laptop. As he began to type he looked up to the ceiling and said to himself, “I guess we could always move to the sandy beaches of Indonesia. Hmm, that would be nice.

Meet Oasis

              At the age of seven, Oasis and his parents entered the Macy’s department store in New York City. As his parents Sajala and Kaushal Thapa were looking at suits to buy for Kaushal, Oasis was thinking of the toy he was promised by his mom if he behaved. He was so looking forward to getting the new Spider-man toy. His excitement was pouring out as he could not stand still and pulling on his mom toward the toy section.

             As the Thapa’s was exiting the store, (Oasis emerged in his new toy) Mr. Thapa had a sad look on his face while Mrs.Thapa was trying to encourage him. Caught up in their worries, they didn’t notice their son entering the road. A car making a piercing outcry as it turned the corner animated Kaushal’s attention. Kaushal located his son and saw that Oasis was in the street. Kaushal raced to save his son from being hit by the car coming down the road. He got there just in time to push his son out of the way. Oasis was mystified at what just occurred as he swung his head just in time to see his dad fly into the air; and then, what seemed like hours, hit the pavement.

             Oasis was beside himself as he looked all around. Perplexed by what just happened as he gazed at his mom, who was crying on her knees in front of the Macy’s doorway. Then all of a sudden Oasis’s vision began to get blurry. He was seeing shades of red and pink, then everything went dark. The ground beneath him began to shake viciously. As his vision started to come back to him, he looked at the car that stopped after hitting his dad. Then he looked at his mom where she was crying on the sidewalk as the building around her began to shake.

             The man that was driving the car, whom Oasis couldn’t really see that well, looked as if he was caught in front of an industrial fan. The man was desperately trying to get to Oasis, but he couldn’t seem to get closer. He looked as if he was rooted to his spot. Next came a loud scream form the man as if he was in excruciating pain. With a cry from his mother, Oasis turned to see the Macy’s building come crashing down upon her. Then he looked back at the car driver and the last thing he saw was the driver’s entire body disappear into thin air. As if he was ripped to shreds and chopped into billions of pieces. An image Oasis visualizes constantly in his dreams for the past eleven years.

             As Oasis wakes up from this dream, he turns to his night stand where he sees his tactical knife lying upon it.  The knife then springs into the air, suspended with nobody touching it. The knife begins to spin in mid-air. Then the knife torpedoes toward the Spider-man toy he once was so looking forward to have placed on top his four-foot bookshelf across the room from his bed. The blade pierced the chest of the toy pinning it to the wall of the room.

              As Oasis arises from his bed, he places both hands on his face and in a wiping motion goes from up to down. He then lets out a deep sigh. Afterwards, he swings his legs off his bed and let his feet hit the floor. He then gazes towards the sink in the bathroom, as he does so, the handles on the sink began to turn. Water suddenly began to flow from the faucet. Oasis then stretches his arms above his head, reaching for the sky. After a good stretch, he then pushes himself up from his bed. As he arose, the lights came on in his room.

            Oasis walks over to his dresser which faced his bed. His dresser was made of hurricane reinforced glass with a mirror on top. Even the dresser drawers were made of glass. He grabs a pair of grey jeans from the bottom drawer and a blue t-shirt form another. He then grabs some undergarments from the top right drawer. On his way to the bathroom, he stops and gazes around the room as if he has forgotten something. His room consists of a weight bench, a full size bed, a bean bag, a desk and a bookshelf full of books.

           The books however were books of a different nature for a teenage boy. They weren’t books about cars or women. There weren’t any sci-fi or murder mysteries books either. The books that were on his shelves, were books of Mathematics, Physics, Science and various martial arts books. Including the book, Tao of Jeet Kune Do, by Bruce Lee. He even has a poster of a quote from Bruce Lee on his wall behind his weight bench.

It read as follows:



              After Oasis’ perusal of his room, he accepted that he had all he needed. Therefore, he proceeded to the bathroom sink where he began to wash his face. After he splashes the warm water on his face he looks up into the mirror at his reflection and then sighs. Oasis is a skinny-fit teenager, not too muscular. He has hazel eyes and short curly hair. After he performs a deep sigh, he walks over to the shower where he undressed and entered.

              Once Oasis was done with his shower, he gets dressed. After getting dressed he walks over to the wall on the other side of his bed. The entire one side of the wall was made of glass which was filled with water. And swimming in the water were a number of fish. As Oasis reaches the fish tank wall, he starts talking to the fish swimming around. “Good morning Lucas. Having a lovely swim?  That’s good to hear.” he said to the first fish. He then looks to a different fish and says, “Good morning to you also Andromeda; and you also Bruce, Rico, Tim, Charles, Mary, Juanita, Carlos, Nikki, DJ, Thomas, Amanda, Katie, Abigale.” He then looks to his star fish and says, “And how about you Fluffy, doing well,”

              Oasis then turns to his right and walks toward his desk. Before he reaches his desk, he turns back to the fish and says, “Why yes, it is June 10th, why do you ask Nikki? Awe, I’m so touched, thank you so very much. Yes, I am very happy to be turning 18 today.” At the end of the fish tank was a door and then the continuation of the wall. Up against the wall was a table that Oasis used as his desk. When Oasis reached the desk, he noticed a letter lying upon it. When he opened it, it was a card from Dr. Byron Washington wishing him a happy birthday. Oasis smiled and placed the card standing up on his desk.  He then sat down and opened a journal he had already on the desk and began to write in it.

              Under his desk and on top of his desk were countless composition books and journals. Oasis loved to write his thoughts down. He wrote mostly poems about his feelings. He couldn’t really write about the outside world because frankly, he hasn’t had much experienced with the outside world since that horrific day he lost his parents. The moments he did try to experience the world, something always terrible happened. There was the flooding of New Orleans debacle, the melt down at the mall incident and the great zoo escape catastrophe. Therefore, Oasis promised himself to never leave the confines of his room for the rest of his life.

              Oasis has been confined to his room for eight long years. Never even went upstairs to spend time with Dr. Washington. Dr. Washington always brought food and visited with Oasis in Oasis’s room. Oasis loved talking with Dr. Washington because Oasis loved knowing about the human body and how it works. Oasis felt that the more he knew about the human body, the more he can understand what was wrong with him and why he can do what he can do. Unfortunately, there were just some subjects Dr. Washington couldn’t answer. Dr. Washington just didn’t know that much about mutations and gene manipulation. As Dr. Washington always told him, “I am a healer, not a scientist. I can heal the body, not change it.”

DR. Washington

Byron Washington was born on February 19, 1971.  He was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Byron was raised in a very loving home. His mom Klarice worked at the hospital as a registered nurse. His dad worked at the postal office as a mail carrier. They both loved their son very much. Majority of their time was always spent with their son. They made very sure Byron was always dedicated to his studies while also making sure he enjoys his childhood.

That dedication to his studies paid of very well for Byron. Byron excelled in all his subjects in school. Byron even excelled in athletics. Byron was captain of his swimming team, basketball team and football team in high school. He was offered scholarships from all the major universities. Byron was a very well admired, respected and loved individual with in his community.

With all the major universities requesting his presence at their schools for athletics, Oasis decided on a school more interested on his studies. Therefore, Byron decided to forgo athletics and focus on his studies. He decided to enroll at the University of Princeton where he majored in pre-med. His parents were so proud of him; although, his dad wished his son would have kept up with the athletics. He loved watching his son play sports; but, he was proud of him just the same.

While at the University of Princeton he met a girl and fell madly in-love. Her name was Erin Veiner. Byron knew in his heart she was everything he wanted in a woman. She was gorgeous, intelligent, independent, lively, athletic, sweet and kind in his opinion. He decided he would never find a woman more amazing than her. So, coming to the end of his senior year, he asked her to marry him. That summer the two of them got married.

The following semester Byron was accepted and enrolled at John Hopkins. In the process of this schooling Byron and his wife tried to have a baby with no success. It wasn’t until Byron was in his final year of residency that his wife finally got pregnant. Byron and his wife was so excited. They even already had a name picked out for the child.

Months later, Erin started having complications with the pregnancy. Byron and his wife was faced with a tough decision to make. A decision they would never wish on another person to have to make. Either they abort the baby or risk them both dying. Byron felt it was not his decision to make. “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarity I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity I will guard my life and my art, Byron reciting to himself the Hippocratic Oath in a whisper with his head down.

Leaving the choice to the wife, she decides not to abort the baby. Unfortunately, three weeks later the wife and baby both die. Saddened and destroyed by the ramification of what transpired to his wife and child, Byron decides to enlist himself in the armed forces. Therefore, Byron joined the United States Army.

Just like everything else Byron decided to pursue, he excelled quickly in the Army. In no time he was promoted to Captain, yet again. Byron became the Family Medicine Physician for the Army. There he helped out plenty of families get their husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and children back home alive. Despite the many disastrous circumstances that tried to prevent that from happening. After serving his time in the United Stated Army, Byron gets a job at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Upon his arrival at the hospital, on his first day of work, Dr. Byron Washington stumbles upon a child that will change his life forever.

Sirens came blaring through the hospital’s emergency room. Moments later came a gurney being pushed by two EMS workers. Lying on the gurney was a young boy strapped down to it. When they got to the emergency room area they explained to the attendees what was wrong with the boy. They explained to them that all his vitals were fine and that he is just unconscious. Dr. Washington then asked if the boy was obstructed by anything. One of the EMS guys told the doctor that there was nothing around him that indicated he was hit and that he had no bruising.

The attendees immediately started verifying that the boy’s vitals were in fact normal. When they were satisfied that the boy was in fact alright, they admitted the child into the hospital and brought him to a room.  Hours later the police came with child services looking for the boy. When they were shown to the boy’s room they found Dr. Washington coming out of the room. When the cops got to Dr. Washington they asked how the boy was doing. Dr. Washington told them that all looks good and now they are just waiting for him to regain consciousness.

The social worker then hands over her card and tells the doctor to phone her when he is ready to be discharged. Dr. Washington then took the card from her and told her he will call when the boy wakes up. The detective then gave the doctor his card as well and told the doctor to call him when the boy wakes up also. The doctor agreed to do so as soon as the boy wakes up.

The following day Dr. Washington goes to check on the boy. As he enters the room and begin to check for the boy’s pulse, the boy wakes up. As the boy wakes up the doctor tells him to take it easy. He then informs the boy that he is in a hospital. The doctor asks the boy his name. The boy looked up at the doctor and told him his name was Oasis.

The boys then asked the doctor why he was in the hospital. The doctor then explained to him what happened the day before. The boy then asked the doctor where his parents were. The doctor then looks at the boy and tells him that his parents are no longer amongst the living. The boy started to look confused and then started to cry. The doctor tried to comfort the little boy, but he couldn’t stop the boy from crying.

When the doctor went to go put his hand on the boy’s forehead, Oasis’s bed began to vibrate. The doctor taken back a bit by that, shook it off and then proceeded to console the kid. The moment he began to speak to the boy again the bed started to shake quite vigorously. Then the chair across the room started to go up and down. Then the medical equipment began to lift a little of the ground and then fall back to the ground.

The doctor started looking around at all that was happening around him. He then looked over at the child who was weeping in the bed. The doctor then realized what was happening and what happened the day before. He quickly ran to the cabinet in the room. He then unlocked the door and took a syringe and a little bottle out of the cabinet. He then placed the needle in the bottle and filled the syringe with the substance in the bottle.

After doing so, he then walked over to the boy and placed the needle in the boy’s arm.  Then everything in the room stop moving. The boy was calming down a little. Then the boy placed his body back down on the bed and fell asleep. The doctor just stood there looking at the little boy lying there sleeping. He then looked up at the door and thought to himself that he couldn’t hand over this boy to the authorities or child services.

What the doctor did next would be considered quite foolish by everyone. Yet, the doctor did not care. The doctor feared for the little boy. Afraid that the boy would be placed in a system that would surely corrupt the little boy’s spirit. He also feared that if anyone found out what this boy could do, it would be catastrophic. He was scared they would turn him into a lab rat, or worse, kill him. So the doctor concocted a scheme to kidnap the boy.

Three weeks later Dr. Washington gets a knock on his office door. When the doctor opens the door he finds that lady from child services was standing there beaming at him. The doctor then asked the lady if he can help her. The lady told him that she was there to check up on the boy that was in the New York tremor three weeks ago. The doctor expressed a confused look on his face and then said, “Oh that kid, I honestly forgot all about him. Let us go see.”  He then closes his door and escorts her down the hall toward the elevators.

When they get to the floor where the Oasis’s room was he turns to the lady and asked her how she was doing. They lady responded that she was doing well. Dr. Washington then asked her if she liked the Knicks. The lady then looked at him and told him that she does not like watching sports. The doctor then told her that not all mortals understand the thrill of the conquest. Then the lady looked at him and gave a half shake of her head and a roll of her eyes.

“Here we are, the doctor said once they arrived at the room. The doctor then opened the door to the room and let the social worker enter first. When the doctor entered the room, the lady was facing him with a puzzling expression on her face. The doctor then looked passed her and noticed the bed was empty. He then looks at the lady and told her not to be concerned.  He then suggested to her that maybe they just sent him out for tests.

The doctor then left the room followed by the social worker. They walked over to the nurse’s station where there was a nurse standing.  When the doctor got to the nurse’s station he inquired if the boy has been moved or is scheduled for tests or is experiencing a hot bubble bath perhaps. The nurse smiled and looked through her patient files. Once she found the Jane Doe’s file, she opened it to find no scheduled tasks for the boy.

She then looked up at the doctor she told him that she has no records of any scheduled tasks for that patient. The doctor then asked the nurse if the patient was released. The nurse told him there were no records of that. The doctor then tells the nurse that they have a problem then, for the patient is not in his room. With a startled look on her face she ran to the room and surveyed the room. Moments later she returns to the doctor and the social worker and tells them that she has no idea what has happened to the boy.

After the nurse tell them that, Dr. Washington and the social worker just stands there and stare at each other. Then Doctor Washington raises both his hands as the social worker began to speak and says, “we will get to the bottom of this, maybe he is just wandering around the hospital.” After a massive sweep of the hospital and hours of surveillance footage there was no sign of Oasis. The social worker then inquires how they could have possibly lost the boy. Dr. Washington just kept apologizing for the misplacement of the boy and took full responsibility.

With the embarrassment of this incident toward the hospital, the hospital’s board committee requested Dr. Washington’s resignation. Two months later Dr. Washington moved to Hammond, Louisiana with Oasis.

Tortures Affair


               Screeching to a halt in front a fourteen story cemented building was a light brown van. The passenger side door opens and the person that was sitting in the passenger seat exited the vehicle and immediately slides the side door open to the van. Dressed in black pants, a dark grey sweatshirt and a black ski mask, the person then grabs a body out of the van and with a bit of a struggle lifts it over its shoulder. The person then advances toward the building. Once the person enters the building, the smell of the place causes him to cringe a bit. The building has been abandoned since the flooding caused by hurricane Katrina. Therefore, the mold and smell of dead rats (among other things) unfurled a cascade of pungency. After getting over the sudden rush of stench, the individual continued onward toward the stairs with flash light in hand and a lifeless body over its shoulder. Walking behind was another person escorting a woman whom was desperately trying to get free.

              Ascending the stairs, they reach the fourth floor. The person carrying the body then places the body down on the stairs and opens the door. It was pitched dark in the room, so the person pointed the flash light to survey the room. The light from the flash light shines upon what looks like a nurse’s station for there was an L-shaped table with empty file cabinets behind them. The person then pointed the flashlight down the hall. When the person shined the light down the hall the person saw hospital equipment all around. There were wheelchairs, beds and IV stands that overwhelmed the hall. The captor then grabs the body by the arm and starts dragging it down the long corridor. 

              After a while of lugging the body down the corridor, the person ceased for a second to catch its breath. The person then turns to the body and says, “You’re so freakin’ heavy. What do you eat, buffalos?” After stating that, the person cracks its neck and rotates its right shoulder. The person then grabs the body by the arm again and pressed forward. After a few feet they come up to two big doors at the end of the hall. Once they were through the double doors, they immediately turn to the left and enter a room.

              Upon entering the room, the person dragged the body to the middle of the room. In the middle of the room stood two chairs with arm rests and orange padded head restraints facing each other. The room at one point must have been the waiting room for there were chairs and coffee tables all along the walls and water damaged magazines all over the floor. The windows where all boarded up and the only light came from a few candles lit here and there. Upon reaching the middle of the room, the person placed the body it was hauling around into the chair facing the boarded up windows.

              While placing the body into the chair, another person came stammering in pushing the woman into the room. The person then placed her in the chair opposite of the other person. The woman who was not unconscious like the other person was, started crying and begging for them to please let her go.  However, the person that escorted her in started strapping her to the chair. First the person strapped down her arms, then her legs and finally her head. As the person was doing this, the accomplice was doing the same to the body across from them. Once the captors were finished strapping them down, they both walked over to the woman and started to force feed a small tube into her mouth.

              Once they were finished with that, the person that carried the woman in went over to the wall and grabbed a bucket. The person then walked over to the body opposite of the woman and tossed the contents of the bucket on to the body. With the cold water hitting the body, the body awoke from its slumber. After getting over the shock of the cold water, the person looked around and noticed a woman sitting across from him scared out of her mind. The person then turns his head to see their captors and asked them what they wanted.

              The captor that brought in the man, then walked over to him and placed a black Velcro belt around his waist. “Please. What are you doing? We didn’t do anything. Please let us go,” he pleaded to the person strapping the belt.  After the person finished placing the belt on, the other captor pointed toward the door to his partner. The other man then scurried out of the room. Once he left the room, the person who directed him to leave then addressed the man who asked the question.

              “You know I have always been a fan of torture to ascertain the answers I seek. However, thanks to fascists, it is now deemed in-humane in my line of work to do so. Now, I was never a fan of the genital mutilation techniques once used; but, one cannot dispute its results. And let’s not forget about water-boarding.” 

              The person then walks over to the female prisoner and circles her. While circling her, the person goes on this long winded monologue about some woman’s prison and the prison warden it thought was brilliant. Once the person was done with his monologue the male captive asked the captor what they wanted from them. The captor replied with, “I only require the truth from you Dr. Washington.” The person then walks over to Dr. Washington and leans over to where they are looking in each other’s eyes. The person then looks down and points to the belt they placed on Dr. Washington and says with glee.

              “And while she is over there getting fed, we are going to have a little fun with you.  When I turn this belt on, it will release 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through your body. Oh yeah, it will be quite unpleasant indeed.”

              Dr. Washington with fear in his eyes, pleaded with the man that he didn’t know anything and to please at least let the woman go. The man then stepped back and walked to a machine sitting beside the woman and turned it on. As he did so, a green substance started running through the clear plastic tube that was submerged into her mouth. Dr. Washington screamed at the man to stop. The man then walked over to Dr. Washington and asked him, “Where is Oasis?”

Dr. Washington then shook his head in a no manner and expressed a confused look on his face. Then his face contorted into pain as the man pressed the switch in his hand. Dr. Washington then belted out a scream as 50,000 volts of electricity went coursing through his body. It only lasted ten seconds, but for Dr. Washington, it felt like minutes. Once the shock stopped, he pleaded to the man that he really didn’t know where Oasis was.

              The man then asked Dr. Washington where he think Oasis might be or where he might be going. Before Dr. Washington even answered, he was hit with another shot of 50,000 volts of electricity. Once the electric shock stopped, Dr. Washington sat there breathing heavily. “I don’t know, I don’t know,” he said. Then 50,000 more volts went coursing through his body.

              This went on for about twenty minutes before the man got impatient and decided to try a new tactic. He walked over to the woman and yanked the tube out of her mouth. She immediately started gasping for air while pleading for him to stop. The man then took the restraints from her head. He then grabbed her by her hair and told Dr. Washington that if he doesn’t start talking he is going to beat the woman to death.

              “Honestly, I don’t know where he is or where he is going,” said Dr. Washington. The man then stood in front of the woman and started punching her in the face. The woman started crying for the man to stop, but the man just kept hitting her. “Where is he,” screamed the man!  Dr. Washington kept saying I don’t know. This went on for about two minutes before the man stopped. When the captor stepped away from the woman to wipe the sweat from his forehead, Dr. Washington saw that the woman’s face was so bloody and swollen.

              When the captor returned, he didn’t go over to the woman, instead he stood in front of Dr. Washington. As the man was standing there in front of Dr. Washington he cracked his knuckles and then his neck. After doing so he then said to Dr. Washington, “Your turn.” The man then started whaling on Dr. Washington so ferociously that by time the man was done, Dr. Washington could no longer feel the pain inflicted to his face. The man stepped back and admired his handy work.

              The man then inquired again where Oasis was. Dr. Washington was so tired he couldn’t even move his head. So the man face contorted from being pleased to pure rage and pulled out his gun and pointed it at the woman. “Tell me where he is or I am going to shoot her,” the man said. He then walks over to the woman and put the gun to her head. The woman started crying and pleading for her life. In a whisper, because he could barely talk, Dr. Washington uttered, “I don’t know.  Wouldn’t tell you if I did.”  When Dr. Washington was finished stating this, a gun shot went off…..